Peruvians Think PPK Case Needs Further Investigation


According to GFK, specialists in statistics, 7 out of 10 Peruvians believe PPK needs to be investigated thoroughly before demanding his vacancy.

84 votes from the Congress are required in order to achieve PPK’s impeachment. The final decision will be known today after PPK presents his argument to Congress. Also, half of Peruvians interviewed think that in case of a possible vacancy, vice-presidents should also resign to their charges so new elections can be carried out.

In case vice-presidents are also vacant, the head of the Congress, Luis Galarreta, would have to call for general elections immediately after a total crisis.

Another possibility, always in the scenario of a vacancy being approved, is that the Canadian ambassador or the Prime Minister also assume the line of command. Nevertheless, 70% of Peruvians believe that being this the case, the Congress would obstruct his work until he resigns as well.

It should be noted that the Legislative Branch is processing the vacancy request “for permanent moral incapacity” before Kuczynski has the opportunity to offer his discharges to the Lava Jato Commission.

Everyone is looking for the final outcome of this situation, today the verdict will finally be known. It is worth mentioning that GFK was also in charge of the surveys to determine if Peruvians were ok with Fujimori’s humanitarian pardon (read more about here)

Do you agree or do you disagree with vacancy being requested?

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