Peruvians to benefit from proposed U.S. immigration policy


The Barack Obama administration introduced an immigration policy to benefit half a million Peruvians who live illegally in the United States, Luis Miguel Castilla, Peruvian Ambassador to the United States told Andina News Agency

We believe the situation is going to change because the American public opinion usually approves measures ordered by the Executive. Therefore, we can expect a political agreement in the United States and progress in the agenda of President Obama, Castilla explained.

This news comes after the American government appealed a court decision that suspended the application of the immigration reform submitted by President Barack Obama. The Peruvian ambassador hopes that with this appeal, the suspension will be a temporary drawback in the legalization process for Peruvians living illegally in the United States.

Once the law clears up, a basic task will be to get identification documents for the people [Peruvians in this situation], which will be added into the efforts undertaken by consulates, in order to instruct compatriots about the new regulations, said Castilla.

According to Castilla, there is a total of 5 million people to benefit from the proposed immigration policy and of that, 10% (or 500,000) are Peruvian. Peruvian Ambassador to the United States, Luis Miguel Castilla, gave the the positive news regarding the Obama administration immigration policy.