Petroperú: Modernization of Pipelines would Require at least US$ 800 Million

(Photo: La Republica)

The state’s oil company said they are negotiating a technical study to calculate investment. Pipeline service includes refurbishment and modernization.

Petroperú’s representative, Luis García Rosell, reported that the refurbishment and modernization works of the Norperuano Pipeline may require an investment ranging between 500 and 800 million dollars. He said that they are negotiating the execution of a technical study that calculates the final amount needed.

“During the meetings I had with different engineering companies, the preliminary figures they told me were between 500 and 800 million dollars, but that is an estimation, for that reason it is important to do a study, since it will cover 1,106 kilometers and will determine what must be done, it will also depend on the talks about the Amazon,” he said, according to the statements of the Andina agency.

“Based on this information we will see if the conditions, through the new Organic Hydrocarbons Law, are given so that oil companies can invest in the allocation of long-term lots and adequate royalties,” said García Rosell.

It should be noted that last July a memorandum of understanding was signed between Petroperú and Techint to repair the Norperuano pipeline.

“The next step is to do the analysis to define the amount of investment required by the pipeline”, added the president of the state oil company within the framework of Energy Day.

A couple of months ago we were reporting that there were protests against oil pollution. Do you think Petroperu should also invest in this?

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