Photos and video: Red Bull Flugtag Peru 2011


Teams with creative names such as "Las cinco plumas del cóndor" (The five Condor feathers) and "Los dateros del Frontón" (or "Peru’s-infamous-public transportation-data-providers of the Frontón Jail") performed kickoff rituals in full-costumes (you’ll see cuys and penguins) before launching their homemade machines off the Naval Academy’s pier. The judges: some of Peru’s most talked about celebrities and sports personalities: actor Andrés Wiese, models Tilsa Lozano and Leslie Shaw, race car pilot Nicolás Fuchs and surfer Gabriel Villarán.

Perhaps there were many (ok, most) machines that merely caught centimeters of air but we’re not even going to pretend that wasn’t half the fun.

We have to congratulate the winning team, Yawar Fiesta Reloaded, composed of five university students who brought in the highest scores. Check out the video and an onslaught of photos of Flugtag Peru 2011. (And if you want even more -style- photos).

The Red Bull Flugtag event came to Peru and we weren’t disappointed. People from everywhere in the city and beyond came to witness the high-flying capabilities of 28 homemade machines– as you’ll see in our video, we even had the pleasure of talking to visitors from the great Pacific Northwest, USA!

The Flugtag competition takes place around the world and this year it was held at the Cantalao Beach in La Punta – the perfect stage to spend a hot, almost-summery Saturday afternoon with a cold Red Bull in hand.

Photos by Susana Aguirre