Pisco exports valued at US$ 5.4 million in 2014


Pisco exports valued a total of US$ 5.4 million in 2014, according to a report by the Association of Peruvian Exporters (ADEX).

Making up a good portion of pisco exports last year were Chile and the United States, ADEX told Andina news agency.

A rise in demand for Peruvian cuisine and of course pisco was seen across the board with the highest increase coming from Ecuador at 214.9% for the Peruvian liquor.

Chile beat out the United States with the biggest craving for pisco. According to the Adex Data Trade Commerce Intelligence System, Chile’s exports summed up to 34% of the total, valued at US$ 1.8 million.

The target sector for pisco is in the Horeca Channel or hotels, restaurants, cafeterias that offer Peruvian food and gastronomy to tourists wanting a taste of the South American beverage. The Horeca Channel, however, purchases the product at supermarkets.

ADEX doesn’t see a slow down for the Chilean market in terms of pisco. According to Andina, the per capita consumption averages 22 liters.

Following Chile was the United States who made up 32% of the demand and valued at US$ 1.7 million. From there the remaining countries saw large increases in demand: United Kingdom with 214.3%, Spain with 45.6%, Colombia 35.2% increase, Ecuador 214.9%, Panama 197.4%, and then Germany, Italy, France, Japan, Australia, Argentina, the Netherlands, Canada, Brazil, Switzerland, among others, out of list of 45 nations.The Association of Peruvian Exporters reports that Chile is the main market for pisco