Pixed Wins The Kunan 2018 Prize For Best Social Enterprise In Peru


Ricardo Rodríguez Torres from Piura founded Pixed in 2015, an inclusive technology company for people with disabilities. He recently won the Kunan 2018 Prize as the best social enterprise in Peru.

Kunan Perú is a Peruvian platform for socio-environmental entrepreneurship. Each year they offer a prize for those startups considered innovative for the society and that have a high impact and the potential to generate a systemic change.

“According to INEI data from five years ago, 1,575,000 people have some type of disability”, said El Comercio, although Pixed says they are more than 2 million.

Pixed seeks to include in the society people that have disabilities and that dream about getting a prosthesis.

In three years of work, he has worked with 93 cases and achieved 24 prostheses. One of his last ones was for a girl named Valentina, El Comercio explained.

Rodríguez studied Electrical Mechanical Engineering at UDEP, and in 2019 he expects to duplicate the success of the cases Pixed works on.

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