Places of Peru: Tumbes #1 – A Tropical Town on the Ecuadorian Border (PHOTOS)


Peru’s northernmost coastal department holds many surprises for those willing to make the trek.  Today we begin in the city of Tumbes itself, only 26 short kilometers from the border with Ecuador…

We hope you enjoy the 1st of our new series, Places of Peru.  This photo series is dedicated to showing some of the fascinating yet lesser known regions of Peru while revealing unique ways of experiencing the more popular ones!

Over the next weeks we will be experiencing the region of Tumbes, on the very northern border of Peru.  It is the town farthest up the coast you can possibly travel without crossing over to Ecuador.  It also boasts a unique northern culture and wildlife that cannot be seen anywhere else in Peru.

We will also be featuring the Mangrove National Reserve as well as the Cerros de Amotape National Park which are the true natural gems of the region, but today we begin with the city of Tumbes itself and its nearby attractions.

In Tumbes one can find very affordable hotels overlooking the central plaza. The plaza acts as the heartbeat of the town as you will awake to a daily military ceremony to commemorate the city's role as a border town linking Peru and Ecuador. (Photo: Mike Dreckschmidt/Living in Peru)
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