Places To Visit This Holiday And Learn About Santa Rosa De Lima


This thursday August 30th is a holiday in Peru. And many people have a long weekend to rest, but also to celebrate Santa Rosa de Lima, the first the first woman named saint in America.

Usually, there are processions and masses to thank the saint for the favors granted. However it’s not anexclusive celebration in Lima. Luis Guillermo Sicheri, director of the Tourism School in Norbert Wiener University, listed to El Comercio some places to visit this holiday and learn about Santa Rosa de Lima.

In Lima:
Sanctuary of Santa Rosa: Sanctuary of Santa Rosa: It’s located in Tacna Avenue. This is the place where Santa Rosa de Lima was born and lived. Visitors can see the chapel that the saint built to pray and the room where she took care of sick people. The building has a well of wishes, 19 meters deep; thousands of faithful throw letters with their requests. The Garden of Santa Rosa is on the left side of the sanctuary.

Monastery of Santa Rosa: You can visit the room in which the saint spent her last three months of life. Today it has become a chapel.

St. Domingo’s Church: In this place the mortal remains of Santa Rosa rest.

Outside Lima:
Santa Rosa de Quives: Located less than two hours away from Lima. You can visit the house where Santa Rosa lived when she was between 12 and 16 years old. Besides, enjoy the nature.

Oxapampa: There are a lot of activities during the holiday, because Santa Rosa de Lima is the saint of the town.

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