PNP Police Officer Won the Miss South America Peru 2017 Contest


Larizza Farfán: the 21 year old sub-officer from the PNP won the Miss South America Peru 2017contest.

Last week we reported surprising news a PNP sub-officer was participating in a beauty contest along with a link to support.  Larizza Farfán Sedamano, who is currently pursuing a career in Psychology, was crowned the winner of Miss South America Peru 2017 Sunday night in an event held in Jesus Maria.

It is worth noting that the PNP showed its support to the young police officer. In a facebook publication, they attach an image of her wearing the police uniform along with a link in which the young woman can be supported by votes.

Miss Farfán Sedamano entered the PNP school when she was 17 years old following a family tradition. Among the reasons she entered the contest, she highlighted the possibility to promote social assistance. However, it is not the first time she has taken part in a beauty contest.

She wishes to create mental aid programs for children, youth and senior citizens throughout the country. She considers herself a persevering, disciplined, humble and supportive woman. She loves animals and loves to cook typical dishes from Piura. She has stated she wants to keep participating in contests like this.

Do you think this is a great way for Miss Farfán Sedamano to find the coverage to find support for her humanitarian projects?

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