Police Finds Important Documents Related to Odebrecht


Hints and loose ends keep showing up related to the controversial construction company Odebrecht.

Odebrecht has been linked to important politicians from Peru such as Keiko Fujimori, whose name was seen in Odebrecht’s cell phone, apparently addressing financial support that she may have received for her presidential campaign.

The latest event related to the Brazilian construction company took place yesterday when agents of a division of the PNP raided the apartments of brothers Samuel and Carlos Campusano. Discovered was an agenda full of meeting dates and financial documentation which unveils the alleged payment of bribes by Odebrecht.

A Beretta gun and ammunition were also found in Samuel Campusano’s apartment located in Pueblo Libre. The Capusano brothers were detained because of their alleged participation in a corruption scheme involving the former governor of Cusco Jorge Acurio Tito and the Odebrecht Company.

Evidence suggests the Campusano brothers received a bribe in exchange for paying the Ministry of Economy and Finance 187 million soles for sovereign bonds in the name of the Regional Government of Cuzco. This money was then paid to Odebrecht for the renovation of Circunvalación Avenue. Prosecutor Castro requested the brothers’ arrests. So far, Carlos has been found but Samuel is still missing.

DON´T MISS: due to the hassle around president PPK and his alleged relationship with Odebrecht, PPK reaffirms he has no relation to the company.

Do you think they will be able to find Samuel Campusano?

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