A Police Officer Aspires to Become Miss South America 2017


The national police force of Peru posted on their Facebook a request to vote for their subofficer Larizza Farfán Sedamano. 

It is hard to predict what are the true intentions behind this purpose, taking into account some participants of a beauty contest took the time that was supposed to be used to mention their body measures to list statistics related to domestic aggression against women.

Larizza Farfán Sedamano, 21, is currently in the fourth cycle of Psychology. The participation of Larizza in the beauty pageant could be supported by her followers with a ‘like’ in the post where her candidacy is promoted and her photo is shared.

On the page of the Miss South America contest, it is mentioned that Larizza wants to create mental aid programs for children, young people, and senior citizens throughout the country and she considers herself “a persevering, disciplined, humble and supportive woman”. In addition, “she loves animals and loves to cook typical dishes from the land where she was born.”

You can support Ms. Farfan Sedamano here.

Will you vote for Larizza? Do you think it is ok to be a police officer and participate in this kind of contest?

(Cover Photo Facebook)



Aris Sandrea

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