Pope Finally Talks About Sexual Abuse Scandals in Peru


His Holiness mentioned Germán Doig as one of the sexual predators related to the Sodalicio scandals. He was number two of the society and was almost beatified by the Church.

On Sunday, during his flight back to Rome, Pope Francis finally referred to the sexual abuse cases related to the Sodalicio de Vida Cristiana (a society related to the Catholic Church in Peru).

The Pope arrived in Peru on January 18 for a three-day tour around the country where he offered masses, and met with natives from the Amazon, as well an offer several speeches related to the rainforest, peace and the Catholic faith.

Nevertheless, the Pope has been criticized in the media for not having addressed the sexual scandals related to the Catholic society Sodalicio. Two weeks ago he had ordered an intervention on this organization after receiving information about alleged crimes, kidnappings and psychological abuses linked to its founder, Luis Fernando Figari.

During his flight back to the Vatican on Sunday evening, the Pope told the media that several men and women related to the Church “are part of this game”, according to El Comercio. He mentioned Germán Doig, someone that seemed to have a lot of virtues (he was even about to be beatified) and that, after his death, it was discovered that he led a double life.

Doig had been number two in the Sodalicio organization. It was then discovered that he had committed sexual abuse to the detriment of teenagers under his care.

The reports about the abuses committed inside Sodalicio, and elaborated by specialists that they contacted themselves, signal four members and ex-members as alleged perpetrators of sexual assault against minors and adults: Besides Luis Figari, the document mentions Virgilio Levaggi Vega; Jeffery Daniels Valderrama; and the late German Doig Klinge.

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