PPK on pardon request: “highly unlikely”


Pedro Pablo Kuczynski said Tuesday, he will not sign the pardon request filed last week by former President Alberto Fujimori after current President Ollanta Humana ruled out granting the pardon during his mandate.

“Alberto Fujimori files request for pardon”:http://www.peruthisweek.com/news-alberto-fujimori-files-for-pardon-110065

At a meeting with foreign correspondents, Kuczynski said that “if the current president did not do it, it’s highly unlikely that I will do it.”

The president-elect reiterated that what he would be willing to sign into law, if proposed by Congress, a measure to allow elderly prisoners to serve out their sentences under house arrest.

PPK said that such a law must be “generic” and not drafted to apply to only one person.

“I will certainly sign that, but I will not sign the pardon,” he adds.

On Monday, during an interview with current president Ollanta Humala, it was mentioned that the Presidential Pardons Commission will “take between two and two-and-a-half months” for it to deliver its recommendations on the case.

Humala received the request by Fujimori’s children in 2012, to grant their father a humanitarian pardon for health reasons. The request was rejected in 2013 after more than six months of delibiration by the Presidential Pardons Commission.