PPK on Pardon: “We are reviewing Fujimori’s health”

(Photo by Semana Economica)

President Pedro Pablo Kuczynski said on a visit to Arequipa that presidential grace “is not a pardon”.

President Pedro Pablo Kuczynski (PPK) again referred to the possibility of granting a humanitarian pardon to former President Alberto Fujimori and affirmed that his health is being evaluated.

“When a pardon is humanitarian, it is not a pardon. We are reviewing the health of the man,” he said about Fujimori after participating in the ceremony that began the construction of the Arequipa-La Joya highway bridge.

The process for granting a humanitarian pardon requires that the beneficiary is evaluated by a medical team and the Presidential Grace Commission of the Ministry of Justice, who then prepare a report and submit it to the Minister of Justice and the President of the Republic for evaluation.

The benefit comes if the inmate has a terminal illness, degenerative or a mental disorder that may be aggravated by prison conditions.

PPK commented on the issue after the public asked him to state his position on the issue. When they told him that Arequipa was against the pardon, he replied: “I know, I know.” The measure has also been criticized by the Nobel Prize for Literature, Mario Vargas Llosa who said it would be an act of treason.

Last month we reported ex-leader Alberto Fujimori was writing his memoirs. Now he will probably be set free.

Do you think PPK should grant a humanitarian pardon for Fujimori or should he stay in jail?

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