PPK: Peru Looks to Protect Tropical Forests


President PPK insists that protecting the environment should be among the priorities of any country, regardless of political currents.

The commitment to defend tropical forests was ratified by president PPK saying they are an indispensable resource for life and development during the 53rd Period of Sessions of the International Tropical Timber Organization (ITTO). He also highlighted that it is important to consider international support for this position.

It is worth mentioning that Peru stands out from other Latin American countries as one of the top natural tourist destinations. PPK said that in Peru, regardless of whether there is a market economy or socialism, there is a union about this issue.

During his speech, president PPK  stressed that Peru has more than 700,000 square kilometers of tropical forests, a very important natural resource that contributes irreplaceable generation of the world’s oxygen. He also mentioned global warming and its damaging effect on some areas in Peru, taking into account that in the last fifty years Peru has lost 50% of the volume of its glaciers. This is an important issue that affects farms in Los Andes, you can read more information about this issue that PPK stressed requires international attention.

Faced with this situation, PPK stated that Peru is focused on reforesting land to increase the size of tropical forests and estimated the results of this experiment will be seen in at least twenty years. This reforestation activity could generate many opportunities for agriculture, where 20% of the Peruvian workforce is concentrated.

Have you ever planted a tree?

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