PPK Reaffirms He Has No Relation With Odebrecht


In a critical moment of the fight against corruption, president PPK speaks to the country rejecting declarations of Marcelo Odebrecht.

This Monday we reported that Keiko Fujimori found herself involved in the all consuming controversy with Odebrecht. A text found in Marcelo Odebrecht’s cell phone suggests Keiko Fujimori received financial support for her campaign in 2011.

Now President PPK finds himself also connected to the Odebrecht Controversy after Marcelo Odebrecht claimed they had hired PPK  as an advisor during an interrogation. This action forced PPK to state via Twitter that he is not related in any way to the construction company. Read more about it here.

However, president PPK decided to speak to the country via TV to distance himself from Odebrecht highlighting that he has not received any kind of contribution from the company in any of his two electoral campaigns, in 2010-2011 with Alliance for the Great Change, nor in 2015-2016, as evidenced by documentation from the electoral authorities of Peru.

PPK also called Odebrecht’s statements false, saying he has never been offered any kind of position in the company.

He also urged people to trust in Peruvian authorities and support the fight against corruption.

PPK finished the brief message reiterating that at the end of this period, he will deliver a “better country, with the economy recovered and in frank development”.

Do you think president PPK is telling the truth or do you think he has some kind of relationship with Odebrecht?

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