PPK Thanks the Peruvian Team for Qualifying for the 2018 World Cup


The president sent a message congratulating the Peruvian team, which defeated New Zealand and qualified for the 2018 World Cup.


Last night the Peruvian team became the last team to qualify for Russia 2018. The last World Cup they participated in was Spain 1982.

“We waited more than 35 years to be in a World Cup again. Thank you warriors, for giving us this joy! Let’s all celebrate responsibly. Go Peru! We’re back,” wrote PPK on Twitter.

During the playoffs, President PPK frequently visited the national team and has also shared messages of encouragement in his social networks.

The goals scored by the Peruvian team against New Zealand were scored by Jefferson Farfán in the first half and Christian Ramos in the second half. In the first leg, the result was 0-0, and Peru was obliged to win since a tie would have resulted in direct qualification for New Zealand.

What message would you give the Peruvian team?

(Source) (Photo from El Comercio)


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