PPK: I Will Not Resign (VIDEO)


President PPK spoke to the country last night clarifying he will not resign.

Two days ago it was announced that president PPK agreed to meet the Lava Jato commission in order to clarify accusations related to a supposed relationship with Odebrecht.

In the message PPK gave the country, he said,

“I am here to tell you: I will not abdicate to my honor or my values or my responsibilities as president of all Peruvians.”

Before PPK’s presidential message was transmitted, official congressmen, such as spokesman Vicente Zeballos and Gilbert Violeta, and state ministers, such as Enrique Mendoza (Justice and Human Rights), left the Government Palace and indicated that the president would not resign office in advance.

It is worth reminding the president of the Lava Jato Commission, Rosa Bartra, showed a document that the Brazilian company Odebrecht sent to her group in which they indicate that they paid $782,207 USD to the firm Westfield Capital, a one-person investment banking advisory company linked to PPK. According to the papers, this was the payment received for seven consultancies carried out between November 2004 and December 2007.

However, the firm during its operation received a total of $4,403,941 USD for consulting projects in Peru between 2004 and 2013. The controversy around Odebrecht’s case has involved many other politicians such as Keiko Fujimori.

What do you think about this message? Do you think this message was necessary?

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