President PPK Talks Odebrecht During Press Conference(VIDEO)


President Pedro Pablo Kuczynski was interviewed in the Government Palace in order to provide clarity.

The press conference, which was attended by journalists from different television media, was held last night at the Government Palace at 8 p.m.

The format used a panel and had a moderator to carry out the interview so that PPK was able to answer the various questions of journalists. Regarding the reporters, Sol Carreño was present on behalf of América TV, while Pedro Tenorio represented Latina TV. Milagros Leiva asked RPP questions, Rosana Cueva from Panamericana and Pamela Vértiz from ATV.

This interview takes place days after information about payments Odebrecht made to companies related to PPK before his presidency was revealed.

This revelation generated orders for the president to resign. PPK refused to do this, so it has filed a motion for a presidential vacancy for moral disability, which will be discussed on Thursday, December 21 in the Congress in front of the Lava Jato Commission.

In the following video you can watch a part of this interview:

During the latest days after the accusation, dollar price skyrocketed but is now stable and some projects were stopped since the political future of the country remains uncertain.

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