President Vizcarra Aks For Unity To Fight Corruption And Poverty


Today, President Martín Vizcarra asked for unity in the country to fight corruption, poverty and inequality to achieve the “long-awaited” sustainable development of Peru, said El Peruano.

“During the launch of the Ayacucho Brand, he outlined that if progress is to be made in Peru, joint actions are needed to promote better education and health services for all citizens”, wrote the aforementioned media.

According to the President, Ayacucho promotes a message of unity, that the entire country needs to follow. “We see how its authorities are committed, hand in hand with civil society, their intellectuals, their artisans, all together with the same objective of achieving progress and sustainable development,” he said.

In addition, he considers that this joint work will also make possible the fight against child chronic malnutrition and anemia.

The President also highlighted the history of the Ayacucho people, who since a long time, along with the Wari culture, left a mark of work and innovation in various places of the national territory”, El Peruano wrote.

(Cover Photo Wikimedia)

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