Produce: Peru to become world’s biggest agro exporter in 5 years


Projections from Peru’s Ministry of Production (Produce) estimate the country could become the world’s biggest agro exporter in the next five years, according to Andina news agency.

Produce Minister, Piero Ghezzi announced that the potential for the growth of the agricultural sector could bring Peru to the top of the market.

Ghezzi told Andina that the sector makes an annual amount of US$ 5 billion a year and grows approximately 18%-20% annually.

“Peru has all the conditions to grow even more, to become a world leader and to turn this activity into one of the new economic engines, which guarantees our growth in the long term,” he expressed.

Trends in growth and the popularization of Peruvian products have caused a boom in exports. Last year, figures in the blueberry market made Peru appear to be on a clear path to top blueberry exporter. More countries are searching for Peruvian produce in ever higher quantities, including large nations such as China, Russia, and always the United States. Recently, Peru became Russia’s top produce supplier

Ghezzi sees an increase in exports in grapes, asparagus, avocados, cranberries, among others.

“Our growth is very important and we can grow even more due to the advantage we have, in terms of sun, climate, ground, water and the energy costs, which is lower compared to other countries. We are at very promising times,” the Minister concluded.Produce Minister Pierro Ghezzi sees growth in manufacturing and agriculture for 2015.