Prosecutor Interrogates Odebrecht over Keiko Fujimori Mention

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In August, Marcelo Odebrecht gave the name of Keiko Fujimori.

The Attorney General’s Office reported that he was asked to question Marcelo Odebrecht, detained in Brazil, in order to obtain his testimony on the annotations he made and in which he mentioned former presidential candidate Keiko Fujimori.

“Prosecutor José Domingo Pérez was requested to take statements from Marcelo Odebrecht for entries on Keiko Fujimori,” the prosecution said through Twitter.

They also pointed out that this request from the money laundering prosecutor was made through the Office of International Judicial Cooperation and Extraditions of the Attorney General’s Office.

In August of this year, the Public Prosecutor’s Office received Marcelo Odebrecht’s annotations from the Brazilian authorities, including one that he made on his cell phone and in which the name “Keiko” was mentioned.

It is worth remembering that Marcelo Odebrecht, during the interrogation to which he was subjected by Peruvian prosecutors in May of this year, mentioned the name of Keiko Fujimori when remembering possible contributions of a campaign that his company made in 2011.

“Actually, I can not say how much it was, for who it was, but I can say that we certainly supported the main candidates in all the elections and we certainly supported those in the elections of 2011, we must have supported Keiko … probably the candidate of the party of Alan García also … and as was custom we support the main candidates “.

“At that time I even suggested [Barata], look, if you have any fear that there will be reprisals because even at that time he believed that who would win, if I am not mistaken, was Keiko Fujimori. And I said, ‘Look, you decide if you think there is a risk of reprisals, support her more.’ “

This article has been translated into English and modified from the original article in El Comercio.

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