Prosecutor’s Office Opens Investigation into Former Aprista Regime for Odebrecht Payment


Special case team, Lava Jato took the decision to investigate after finding out about the payment the Brazilian construction company made to Miguel Atala Herrera and others.

The anti-corruption team, led by prosecutor Hamilton Castro, opened a preliminary investigation into former government official, Faresh Miguel Atala Herrera and the second APRA government under Alan Garcia, who had received a payment of almost US$900,000 from the Brazilian company Odebrecht.

After being informed about the documentation from the Banca Privada d’ Andorra (BPA) that was published by the Spanish newspaper “El País” in which they mention Peruvian businessmen and lawyers, last Tuesday Attorney General, Pablo Sánchez Velarde opened a tax file to investigate this case.

As recalled, Miguel Atala was vice president of Petro Peru between 2008-2011. After leaving, the company signed an agreement with Braskem, a petrochemical company, and a subsidiary of Odebrecht to study the installment of a plant for US$3 million.

Sources of the Attorney General informed El Comercio that, in addition to Atala, the preliminary investigation will include a mediator and lawyer Jorge Horacio Cánepa Torre.

“El País” published documentation from the BPA that indicated that Odebrecht paid US$ 435,000 to Jorge Cánepa through the company Maxcrane Finance S.A.

In addition, sources of the prosecutor said that via international cooperation, all the information that can be provided by Banca Privada d’ Andorra about bank accounts that are in the names of Peruvians who appear in the publication will be solicited.

Information on all companies incorporated in Panama will also be requested by former Peruvian officials and businessmen.

Among other names that appear in the article is director Jorge Peñaranda Castañeda, of  Alpha Consult, who received a transfer of US $ 250,000 through Randalee Investments. Along with Castañeda, Gabriel Prado Ramos received a transfer through Relton Holding SA, but the amount has not been recorded.


This article has been translated and adapted from El Comercio.



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