Puno slates 19 new conservation areas


The head of Puno’s regional conservation network, Chambi Cutipa Francisco has told _Andina_ that 19 new areas have been set aside for protection.

Mr Francisco said the areas were based on good science and on the recommendations of Sernanp, Peru’s national parks service.

Last month, regional and national conservation officials, met with local authorities, scientists, and conservation NGOs to discuss the future of Puno’s protected area network.

That workshop canvassed plans to expand the conservation estate from 11 to 23 per cent—securing ecosystem services that support an estimated 40 per cent of the region’s population.

Mr Francisco said that, among the most important natural areas, is the Arapa Umayo Lagoon, an ecological corridor at Mold Conima Tilali, and another located in the province of Lampa.

The new areas now have to be formally approved by Sernanp and then the central government.

The regional government hopes to the new protected natural areas will attract a large number of visitors with an emphasis on ecotourism.