Rains Expected Throughout Peruvian Territories Today


A climate phenomenon is expected to take place until November 30.

It was reported by The National Service of Meteorology and Hydrology (Senamhi) this week will have a lot of moderate to high-intensity rainfall in 19 regions of the highlands and jungle. The heaviest rains will occur  today.

The rain will be accompanied by snowfalls in localities above 4,200 meters above sea level. These are the provinces that are under alert due to rains: Cajandiva, Chota, Cajamarca, Contumaza, Cutervo, Hualgayoc, Jaen, San Ignacio, San Marcos, San Miguel, San Pablo and Santa Cruz.

While in the southern highlands, the climatic phenomenon will affect the provinces of Abancay, Aymaraes, Andahuaylas, Antabamba, Chincheros, Apurímac, Cotabambas and Grau.

In Arequipa the localities that will be affected are Caravelí, Arequipa, Castilla, Caylloma, Condesuyos and La Unión.

In Cusco, heavy rains will affect the towns of Acomayo, Anta, Canas, Canchis, Chumbivilcas, Cusco, Espinar, La Convención, Paruro, Paucartambo, Quispicanchi and Urubamba.

In the Amazon, the precipitation will affect the provinces of Chachapoyas, Luya, Rodríguez de Mendoza, and Utcubamba.

Meanwhile, in Ancash the alert extends to Antonio Raymondi, Asuncion, Bolognesi, Carhuaz, Carlos F. Fitzcarrald, Corongo, Huaraz, Huari, Huaylas, Mariscal Luzuriaga, Ocros, Pallasca, Pomabamba, Recuay, Santa, Siguas and Yungay.

Regarding the central highlands, the provinces expecting to be affected are Acobamba, Aymaraes, Castrovirreyna, Churcampa, Huancavelica, Tuaytará and Tayacaja, all in Huacavelica, while in Huánuco the phenomenon will be present in the localities of Ambo, Dos de Mayo, Huacaybamba, Huamalies , Huánuco, Lauricocha, Marañón, Pachitea and Yarowilca.

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