Real Estate will Sell 3 Thousand Homes in the Last Quarter


Real estate fairs contribute between 25% and 30% of total sales from real estate sector. ExpoUrbania opened doors in San Isidro and will offer more than 15 thousand homes.

Selling 3 thousand homes in the last quarter is the sale goal for the real estate sector.  If they achieve it, they reach the sale of 12 thousand units by the end of the year, projected Eduardo González-Prada, manager of Urbania. Real estate fairs like ExpoUrbania have become an important channel for housing placement, stated the executive. “Currently the 10 fairs held in Peru contribute between 25% and 30% of total sales of the industry,” he said.

Today, six districts account for 50% of monthly housing sales in the capital: Jesus Maria, Breña, Pueblo Libre, San Miguel, Magdalena del Mar, and Chorrillos. González-Prada said house prices per square meter remain stable in the capital, as the variation has been less than 1% since last April.

“Today the price of m² in Lima amounts to US$ 1,600, but among the most expensive areas such as Barranco, San Isidro or Jesús María the value of the m² reaches approximately US$ 2,600. While in more economical areas such as Callao or Bellavista price per m² ranges between US$ 800 and US$ 900,” he told El Comercio.

In this line, the executive considered that it is a good time for families to embark on the purchase of their own home. Gonzalez-Prada also noted that the Government seeks to lower the cost of mortgage loans adding extra incentive.

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