Recipe: Brownies made with Peruvian Cacao


“When I opened my little bakery I had a strong will to continue preparing desserts with a homemade spirit, but that was a difficult decision because business is business – but business for me without love is no business at all. I would have lost the feeling that I had been giving to the bakery my whole life, so the ingredients were to remain the same: butter, cacao – in short, good ingredients.

A few years ago, when I was 8-years old,” Patricia playfully remarks, “I was already in the kitchen, preparing my first dessert, delicious brownies.”

Patty’s Brownie Recipe


200g unsalted butter (must be butter not margarine)
200g of chocolate (at least 65% cacao)

Mix quickly:

380g of sugar
4 eggs

Sift together:

20g cacao powder
145g of all-purpose flour
pinch of salt

brownie pan
(Photo: El Comercio)


Line the mold with parchment paper to prepare it for later when we add the brownie mix. Melt a tablespoon of butter and brush it throughout the mold then paste another piece of parchment paper and add butter again. Then turn on the oven, the brownies will be placed in the oven at a high temperature so that crust will form on top of the brownies and the middle of the brownies will still stay semi-raw.

Next, melt the butter with the cacao and leave it aside. Mix the eggs with the sugar in another bowl – don’t forget to do this quickly, because brownies have to be done in a rush, and should not be over-mixed (it’s best to use a spatula, rather than a mixer).

After incorporating the eggs and brown sugar into the chocolate and melted butter with the spatula, quickly add the flour and powdered cacao with a pinch of salt.

Add the dough into the mold and you’re ready to put it in the oven. Bake for approximately 30 minutes. (Use a knife to see if the brownies are ready to come out semi-cooked.)

(Photo: El Comercio)

When they have cooled, cut them into squares and serve to your friends and family.



Natasha grew up in a suburb of Chicago and moved to Peru two years ago and studied Bilingual Administrative Assistance and General Management at the British Academy. In her spare time she loves to be with family and her maltese, Maya.