Recycling goes well at this year’s Mistura


The National Federation of Reclycers of Peru (La Federación Nacional de Recicladores del Perú – FENAREP) have collected and recycled more than 12 tonnes of waste at this year’s Mistura.

The massive recycling operation this year has made a big difference. The majority of Mistura’s various dishes are served on plastic plates and eaten with plastic utensils. With 500,000 visitors to the festival over its ten days, that ends up being a lot of waste.

The federation collected and separated the plastic, glass and metal, and left it in a huge stockpile in a storage facility at Magdalena del Mar.
According to Juan Herrera, the president of FENAREP, eight tones of the recycled waste was of plastic, 2 kilos was of glass and 800 kilos was of plastic soda bottles. There was also 400 kilos of cardboard, 300 kilos of paper and 300 kilos of beer cans.

He said: “We worked with 30 members of the federation here in Mistura to encourage a culture of recycling. People throw away the majority of waste between 2 and 6pm.”

According to La Republica, 30% of Lima waste is recyclable but only 12% ends up being recycled. The organizers of Apega say that they are very satisfied with the recycling effort.
Apega report that over 12 tones of waste have been recycled.