Reggae beats and rhythms are coming to a club near you in Lima, Peru


It was while studying at University that I first started paying attention to electronic music. (Actually this wasn’t my first encounter with electronic music. When I was thirteen I discovered the Prodigy’s ‘Fat of the Land,’ in a motorway service station’s bargain bin. At the time it wasn’t really my cup of tea but I listened because I thought it made me ‘cool’).

A number of my acquaintances were aspiring DJ’s and in those days I could often be found ensconced in a dark corner appreciating the variety of electronic sounds one can make with a synthesizer or, indeed, the appropriate computer software. Electronic music, like any other type of music, is characterized, among other things, by the particular number of beats within the bar, so different numbers of beats denote Drum and Bass, Dubstep, Acid House, and so on for example.

To many though, the music is more than this and it could be said that, much like the Punk movement of the 1980’s, a variety of subcultures have been spawned by these rather modernistic sounds. Whole generations have been swept up in this subculture and week after week they swathe themselves in bright neon materials, spike up their oddly colored locks, crack out the glow-sticks and head for their favorite nightspot.

One such disciple of the beat and high priest to the party gods; serving up the sounds to these denizens of the night, is DJ, MC, entertainer, and producer Selektor Leandread. No, that isn’t a typing error. Brazilian by birth but, as he puts it, Peruvian at heart, Selektor began participating in the Peruvian scene in 2003 mixing reggae music in all styles, bringing out a collection of 3 cd’s called Best Reggae Time of Your life.

Leandread’s (or is that Mr. Selektor’s?) story begins in 2007 when he began as an MC at parties. For the uninitiated, that means he was rapping into a microphone to a beat delivered by the DJ. In 2008, he was invited by Mc Order to record his first promotional CD entitled Sembrando Message’ in Chile. This album was a great success thanks, says Selektor, to his Latin American audiences to whom he is eternally grateful.

In 2010, audiences’ tastes turned towards Reggae, Dancehall, and Hip Hop and so, obligingly, Selektor recorded and produced his second CD Mercy’ by Kaia Music ( Colombia ) & Natty Dread Studies’ ( Peru ) to reflect this changing of taste.

Today you can catch Selektor performing in local festivals where he captivates Peruvian audiences with Jamaican rhythm to, as he puts it, ‘maintain positive, high vibration, good things in mind and rhythm for the body.’ He also participates in Sound Systems throughout South America serving up: Dancehall , Funk, Raggamuffin , Electronica and so on.

He’s playing in Lima tomorrow night and again in Huancayo on Feb. 14. For more information on his upcoming concerts, click here and here M.C, Entertainer, and producer, Leandread Selektor will be bringing you beats and good times to a club near you.