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Eating is an activity we all undertake more than once. It involves not only the fact of putting food into our mouths and letting our body do the rest, but it also entails a thinking process: what do we want to eat, what are we preparing today, how much time do I have for eating, will I eat healthy or not, etc. But let us concentrate on the first question – a question I myself make every day, at least three times a day. Often, I know exactly what kind of food I want, say _criollo_, Asian or Indian, but other times, I am not quite sure about it except that I have and need to eat. This is when Café Café comes to mind as this is a place where you can find a wide variety, from salads to sandwiches, soups, pasta, pizzas, fish and meat dishes, light meals, hamburgers, paellas – the list goes on.

Café Café boasts a menu of around two-hundred dishes of different origins but most of them well known. Peru This Week paid them a visit to their Ovalo Gutierrez location that is soon to celebrate its first year anniversary. Bigger and more beautifully decorated than their other establishment, this locale caters to a wide variety of clientele including business people, residents of the area, and families. Weekends are especially popular for guests who come to try one of their original breakfast menus: English, Gringo, Limenito, Tex-Mex, American, and even ‘Miss Venezuela’ in case you aspire a beauty crown!

Our visit started with some drinks to refresh our throats. We ordered the Entre Pisco y Chicha, a freshening pisco cocktail with a taste of _chicha morada_, which was just wonderful, unique and highly recommended. We also had the Frozen Piña Colada and a Lucuma juice, both quite nice and well prepared. You may want to drop in one of these days for their ‘Happy Hour’ (1 p.m. to 8 p.m., Monday to Friday) and get a 2×1 offer. I will!

_Conchitas al Bloddy Mary (Photo: Erick Andia/Peru this Week)_

For starters, we had the Conchitas al Bloody Mary and Champignones a la Baco with toasts, both quite original dishes. The _conchitas_ consisted of a plate of eight shells covered in a spicy Bloody Mary sauce that had a strong taste of ketchup in my view. The _champignones_ dish was a better option although I would have liked more consistency in the sauce as it presented itself more like a soup, and we were not able to dig in with the toast as our host suggested. The dish was tasty and a favorite of Carsten’s. As the sun was shining out there, we also ordered the Tiradito, a classic Peruvian dish, abundant in its presentation, and with a nice taste but with too much lime.

_Champignones a la Baco (Photo: Erick Andia/Peru this Week)_

Carsten, a fan of burgers, could not resist ordering the Quinoa nuggent burger, a plate that was advertised upon every table at the restaurant. The hamburger was big in size, and it came with almost everything you can think of: breaded chicken breast, quinoa, Andean cheese, guacamole, plantains, rocoto sauce, and sweet potato chips on the side. The variety of ingredients was so overwhelming that I could hardly grasp any particular flavor while the chips were almost left untouched.

_Quinoa burger (Photo: Erick Andia)_

We also tried the Salmon in passion fruit and ginger sauce. The salmon was not particularly tasty but the sauce was, and more so, the wonderful creamy baked potatoes that were a dream (_gratin Dauphinois_). We then ordered the Noquis al pesto con langostinos flambeados al pisco; quite nice with a very tasty pesto sauce. However, the shrimps lacked flavor and looked like they were divorced from the noquis.

It was time for desserts, and I went to check out their display. It was difficult to choose as every single one of them looked quite appealing. We tried two: the Volcán de chocolate con helado y fudge casero and the Aguaymanto cheesecake, both were delicious indeed and worth a return visit.

_(Photo: Erick Andia/Peru this Week)_

Café Café
Ovalo Gutierrez
Av. Santa Cruz 831 Miraflores – tel. 242 8945
“Café Café Facebook”: and “website”:
Opening hours: Monday to Thursday and Sundays 8:30 a.m. – 1 a.m., Friday and Saturady 8:30 a.m. – 3 a.m.
Refreshments – s/. 6 – 26
Cocktail drinks – s/. 16 – 31
Finger food – s/. 7 – 55
Breakfast menus – s/. 14 – 29
Lunch menus – s/. 19.90 – 23.90
Tea-time menu – s/. 29
Salads – s/. 18 -39
Sandwiches and burgers – s/. 13 – 29
Pastas – s/. 28-29
Main dishes – s/. 32 -46
Desserts – s/. 5 – 19
Coffees & teas – s/. 5 – 18



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