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Loche is a restaurant located in Patio Panorama, the new elegant business development center in Surco that caters to the trendy food crowd.

Ceviche de Mango (Photo: Maria Alejandra Baraybar/Traveling & Living in Peru)
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For those who don’t know about Peruvian produce, Loche is a kind of pumpkin. Grown in the north, its a very smooth, sweet kind of pumpkin that gives a beautiful taste to the dishes it adorns.

The Decor

Although young Chef Andres Baertl says Loche is not a Northern ‘Norteño’ Restaurant it does give off that kind of vibe with its warm colors and decorations displaying Huacos and Toritos.

The Menu

The menu is varied and full of seafood options and also offers lamb! It is well classified in 10 sections from entree to dessert, including a section for the kids (Cholitos), which is very helpful if you go out with your children. In La Esquina section you can enjoy some ‘Street food’ that includes tacos and three different burgers, the Cangreburger made of crab, the Oxaburger made from the original beef and the Tuna burger made with tuna.

The Food

Conchas a la Brasa (Photo: Maria Alejandra Baraybar/Traveling & Living in Peru)

We started the afternoon with entrees, one of which was my favorite, scallops! Conchas a la Brasa (39 soles for 6 scallops) and Conchas a la Chalaca (39 soles for 4 scallops). Conchas a la Brasa impressed me as the plate arrived still flaming, placed on a mountain of salt. The strength and saltiness of the alcaparras (capers), the crispy garlic, the butter, and the parmesan cheese complemented the scallops very well.

But even with the excitement of the flames, my favorite was still the Conchas a la Chalaca.  They were fresh and the flavor combination between the chalaquita sauce (a mixture of onion, tomatoes, chilies, coriander, lime, and salt), the creamy acevichada, and the Tobica (smoked eggs of a flying fish) made my taste buds explode! If you can not decide which one to order, chef Andres offers you a duo, three of each, which I highly recommend.

Ceviche Tropical (Photo: Maria Alejandra Baraybar/Traveling & Living in Peru)

The next dish was the Ceviche Tropical (36 soles). It was my favorite dish, if you are into oriental flavors like sesame oil, wasabi and soy sauce this is a dish for you.  Presented beautifully, the fresh tuna combined with the coriander, chili, lime, avocado enhanced chalaquita, and the mango puree was mind-blowing. It has similar ingredients as a ceviche Nikkei but with an original twist, which to my opinión was the mango puree. This gave the dish the sweetness that complemented the sourness from the lime and heat from the chili. It actually reminded me of the flavors of Thai food.

Our lunch continued with another seafood dish, this time, the Ceviche de Mango (34 soles).  This dish is very close to Chef Andres heart, as he told us the story of how his mum used to cook this for his family. It consists of Leche de Tigre ( the juices from the ceviche) made with avocado, mango, and topped with delicious grilled prawns. The dish was fresh and huge which makes it perfect for sharing.

Cordero Loche (Photo: Maria Alejandra Baraybar/Traveling & Living in Peru)

Next, we had one of the best lamb dishes I have ever tried, and that’s saying something!  I have lived in Australia, which, fun fact, supplies some of the best lamb meat you can find. Chef Andres impressed us with his Cordero Loche ( 44 soles ) which is his most distinguished dish.  The plate consists of lamb ravioli in a wine sauce, surrounded by a loche mash, and topped with shaved manchego cheese. The lamb was soft and tender and the strong wine flavor combined with the sweetness of the loche making it a very tasty dish. I really recommend this dish if you enjoy lamb.

The Dessert

Piña Brulee (Photo: Maria Alejandra Baraybar/Traveling & Living in Peru)

We finished the afternoon with dessert.  The Piña Brulee ( 15 soles ), with its caramelized pineapple and coconut granita, made for a very simple but tasty dessert. Its freshness complemented the dishes we had earlier, but personally not my cup of tea as I like more complex desserts and I am a chocolate lover!

The Drinks

Everyday Loche offers you Agua Infusiadas, infused waters, which consist of water that has been infused overnight with different fruits and spices. We had one that was infused with rockmelon (cantaloupe), cinnamon and mint. It was refreshing and a good alternative to having with lunch instead of soft drinks.

The restaurant offers you a variety of cocktails and we tasted a few. The Fresco Pomelo (26 soles) which is a cocktail of a splash of Gin and grapefruit and the Amor de a Tres (26 soles) a combination of our traditional Pisco, soda water, and fresh grapes.

Ice tea de Frutos Rojos (Photo: Maria Alejandra Baraybar/Traveling & Living in Peru)

If you enjoy a non-alcoholic drink they have many ice teas on the menu. I recommend the Ice Tea of Berries, the vibrant color, and refreshing taste will deliver.

The Menu Details:

Tostones from 24 to 26 soles

Mar y Tierra from 26 to 36 soles

La Esquina from 24 to 34 soles

Brasa from 30 to 121 soles

Familia from 32 to 44 soles

Salad from 23 to 27 soles

Mini Veg Bowls from 6 to 10 soles

Kids Cholitos 24 soles

Dulce from 8 to 19 soles

Mini Dulce 3.5 soles

Av. Circunvalación del Golf 134, Local 108, Santiago de Surco  Patio Panorama

Horario: Sunday 12 pm – 4 pm
Monday – Saturday 12 pm – 3.30 pm
6.30 pm – 10.30 pm
Tel: 01-359- 8985




Jacqueline is a Peruvian who lived in Australia for 15 years, she is married to an Australian and has 3 gorgeous kids. Jacqueline also comes from a long line of very talented cooks, her grandma was an excellent cook and at some point owned a restaurant, her mother is also an amazing cook and Jacqueline has inherited her talent and her love for food.