Restaurant Review: La Piccolina


It started as a four-table restaurant selling pizzas and pastas in a small establishment in Surco. As more and more clients arrived, the owners looked for a bigger place and moved one block away to a bigger establishment in the same street. An opportunity to open a second and a third shop showed up, and now this Italian restaurant has three establishments – all in Surco – plus two additional ones in Punta Hermosa and Asia during the months of summer.

_Living in Peru_ visited their establishment in Simón Salguero which, although has no signs, was easy to spot as it was a lovely red house on the corner of this busy commercial street. To our surprise the place was larger than it appeared, and had an open terrace with several wooden tables. In one of the rooms we noticed a buffet table displaying numerous dishes ranging from the classic minestrone, cold and warm appetizers, pastas prepared upon demand, and other Italian and Peruvian specialties. I tried the wrapped _humitas_ and they were delicious. However it was not the buffet we were after but rather the new menu offered by La Piccolina.

We started with a jar of sangria which was quite nice I must say. I also noticed they had a good selection of _pisco macerados_ and an interesting collection of wines from all over the globe. We were told clients can also bring their own bottle if they so wish.

_Sangria (Photo: Parker Clifford/Living in Peru)_

To begin our experience we had _Shrimps a la diavola_ (s/. 38) that had crunchy bits of garlic and pepperoncino which were quite tasty, all laid out in a mix of lettuce – both of my colleagues loved this dish. We were told all the vegetables come from their own farm in Pachacamac which guarantees them with a regular supply of organic products for their cuisine.

_Shrimps a la diavola (Photo: Parker Clifford/Living in Peru)_

As a main dish we tried their _Ossobuco al forno_ (s/. 50) that came with polenta. The ossobuco was okay but I found the polenta way too creamy and certainly quite different from the one you eat in Italy with respect not only to the color but also the texture and flavor. We also tried the _Chicken Cazadora_ (s/. 40) that consisted of a fair piece of grilled chicken breast covered in a mushroom sauce and a lovely four-cheese puree that I enjoyed quite a lot. I usually never order chicken breast as it tends to be quite dry but I have to say this was not the case at all, and it was tasty.

_Ossobuco al forno (Photo: Parker Clifford/Living in Peru)_

As expected in any Italian restaurant, there are plenty of pastas on the menu – some of them homemade. First select your preferred pasta then the sauce from a list of fourteen sauces. We were smart and ordered the _Trio of pastas_ which consisted of three types of pastas: spaghetti with pesto sauce and _apanado_ (deep fried meat), penne with tomato sauce and shrimps, and fettucini with _lomo en salsa huancaína_. The pesto sauce of the spaghetti was creamy and tasty, and so was the meat; it was delicious. The penne dish was even better as the shrimp with the tomato sauce was as tasty as could be. The fettucini was also up to the standard and the meat chunks were quite nice too. I would easily come back for this trio, certainly my favorite.

We could not leave without trying their famous pizzas. We ordered the _Pizza del Huerto_ (s/. 68) that came with prosciutto, mushrooms, artichokes, arugula and parmeggiano cheese. The pizza was quite big –eight sliced pizza- and the ingredients were abundant. I enjoyed the thin pizza dough which was cooked to perfection and the prosciutto was top quality. The pizza came with a Caesar Salad sauce on top which made the pizza quite unique and moist. I have to say I would have preferred to have it without the sauce spread on top in order to retain and enjoy the flavors of each of the ingredients that came with the pizza. In any case I am eager to come back and try any of their other twenty-five pizza varieties. Next time I will probably order the personal one.

Pizza del Huerto (Photo: Parker Clifford/Living in Peru)

And since we loved the pizzas, we tried the _Dolce Pizza_ (s/. 30) for dessert. I never had pizza for dessert but there is always a first time. The Dolce Pizza was a beautiful, colored round pizza spread with nutella and plenty of fruits and flower petals on top and vanilla ice cream on the side. The pizza was thin and crunchy and for me the nutella would have been enough to enjoy this nice mix. The ice-cream was homemade and it was superb.

sweet pizza
_Dolce Pizza (Photo: Parker Clifford/Living in Peru)_

No doubt La Piccolina knows a lot about pizzas and it is ready to share their knowledge with the young ones in the workshops they offer in all three establishments.

La Piccolina
-Calle Simón Salguero 625 Surco tel. 273 6005
-Av Encalada 895 Surco tel. 434 3450
-Parque de la Amistad, Av. Caminos del Inca cuadra 21 (sin numero) Surco

Delivery: 279 1207 (San Borja, La Molina, Surco, Miraflores)

Opening hours: Monday to Sunday 12:30 p.m. – 4 p.m., 7:00 p.m. – 11 p.m. (weekends until midnight)
Parque de la Amistad, Tuesday to Sunday 9 a.m. to 11 p.m.

Buffet Monday to Saturday 12:30 – 4 p.m. (S/. 45 including tax, dessert and glass of wine)

Delivery: Miraflores and Surco

Buffet – S/. 45
Kids’ menu – S/. 19
Antipasti – S/. 29 – 38
Salads – S/. 24-35
Soups and creams – S/. 22-28
Main dishes – S/. 39- 58



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