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Just three months old, Picogallo is a fresh, new fast food option in the San Isidro District of Lima. The concept is simple Tex-Mex made-to-orderlike a Mexican version of Subway.

Exterior (Photo: Marco Simola/Traveling & Living in Peru)
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Last Wednesday, we visited Picogallo, a fairly new fast food establishment located at the very busy Los Conquistadores Avenue in San Isidro. Offering a Tex-Mex option, Picogallo gives you fast service, fresh produce every day, and a good value for your money. They opened three months ago, and owner Ailyn Tay is surprised and very happy with the response it has received from the public.

Originally, their target market was executives looking for a place to enjoy lunch out; however, all kinds of customers have enjoyed their concept. Couples, groups of friends, and families come often for dinner or on the weekends to enjoy a freshly made burrito, while the lunch crowd is mainly those who work in the area.

Picogallo’s concept is very simple: you have a bar of ingredients that you can use to personalize your own burrito, bowl or salad, all of which are the same price. It’s like the Mexican version of a Subway, but with an auto-service twist. After customizing your burrito, you can grab a drink and/or a dessert before check out.

The Food

Quesadillas (Photo: Marco Simola/Traveling & Living in Peru)

Although Picogallo’s menu is not very extensive, we started the afternoon with a piqueo, which can be eaten as an entree too. This consisted of their Quesadillas (25 soles), which were served on a wooden tray with 6 quesadillas and a stuffing that had me wondering for a few seconds what the special flavor in it was. I later learned it was caramelized onion. We ordered the one with meat and the combination worked well; it was not your typical Mexican flavor but it was very nice. You can order them with chicken or make a vegetarian one with spinach and mushrooms. The quesadillas also come with some guacamole and salsa.

After the quesadillas, we followed it up with Pico Melt (25 soles). This dish, which is another piqueo/entree, is a mix of melted cheese and meat. In the center was some salsa, that when combined with the rest of the ingredients, complements the flavors. You get a basket of corn chips with it to dip them inside your pot of melting cheesethe perfect dish to enjoy with a beer or two.

When we finished tasting the Pico Melt, I proceeded to design my Burrito (18 soles). The ingredients I chose were the carne mechada, a bean mash of salsa, guacamole, a mix of beans, sour cream, and chili; delicious. The bean mash gave it a slight sweetness and the carne mechada was so soft and tender that I recommend you try it. If you are not a beef lover, there is the chicken option and also a vegetarian option, which you can add some fresh vegetables to, as well as all sorts of sauces. It is a big burrito and will fill you up for sure. It comes with some chips to complement it and you can choose which sauce to go on top.

Buffalo Wings (Photo: Marco Simola/Traveling & Living in Peru)

The last two dishes are some of my favorite finger foods: Chicken Wings (25 soles); I love them, especially when they are spicy. We tried two of the three options that Picogallo offers. The first option we tried were the BBQ, a plate with 6 chicken wings served with blue cheese sauce to dip them in and a side of celery sticks. The second option were the Buffalo; I really enjoyed them and have to say that I ate them all by myself, as they were too spicy for the rest of the team. So, if you are a spicy food lover, you definitely have to try Picogallo’s Buffalo chicken wings. They also come with a blue cheese sauce and a few celery sticks.

Picogallo also have original-style chicken wings. If you have kids and they are fussy eaters, they can give you a boneless version, which looks a lot like a chicken nugget.

At the end of the afternoon, we had some dessert. Picogallo offers you three different desserts, all of which are from El Taller Patisserie, a bakery that supplies their Chocolate Éclairs filled with custard; a Lucuma Mousse (lucuma is a Peruvian fruit); and Tres Leches (a cake of three different kinds of milk), which are all 6 soles. We tried the Chocolate Éclair and it was a very good way to finish lunch.

The Drinks

Barbarian beer (Photo: Marco Simola/Traveling & Living in Peru)

Picogallo has some artisanal beer on its menu (12 soles per 12-ounce glass), which is supplied by Barbarian, an artisanal beer company. There are three to choose from: the Red Ale, Chasqui Porter, and Pale Ale. I tried all of them and can recommend the Red Ale, as I did enjoy the taste of it.

It wouldn’t be a Tex-Mex restaurant without margaritas (20 soles) on the menu. They have three different flavors for you to choose from: Maracumango (a mix of passion fruit and mango), Strawberry, and The Classic.

So, if you are around San Isidro and fancy a quick, easy, fresh meal, give Picogallo a try. It won’t disappoint.

Av. Conquistadores 510, San Isidro


Monday to Saturday 12 p.m. to 12 a.m.
Sunday 12 p.m. to 5 p.m.


Burritos, Bowl or Salad: 18 Soles
Sharing Plates: 25 Soles
Chips and Salsa: 15 Soles
Corn and Cheese: 8 Soles
Desserts: 6 Soles
Soft drinks and Water: 5 Soles
Hot Beverages: 5 Soles
Juices: 5 Soles
Beer: 12 Soles
Margaritas: 20 Soles




Jacqueline is a Peruvian who lived in Australia for 15 years, she is married to an Australian and has 3 gorgeous kids. Jacqueline also comes from a long line of very talented cooks, her grandma was an excellent cook and at some point owned a restaurant, her mother is also an amazing cook and Jacqueline has inherited her talent and her love for food.