Russia is the Main Target of Pisco Exporters


Pisco exporters are looking to increase their volume of sales in Russia.

It seems like a matter of complicity, taking into account Perus qualification to the World Cup Russia 2018 after a 36-year long absence. People are already speculating about the future of Peru in this coming World Cup.

Perhaps surprisingly, Pisco has been present in the Russia for some years, with a solid performance in the market valued at US$396,000.

Russia is one of the destinations to which exporters and producers will refine their strategies to reach more markets and penetrate existing ones. This, after a decrease in the demand from Chile and the United States for pisco, which accounted for 59% of exports by September 2017, impacted the growth of these exports.

The Commercial Offices of Peru are looking to identify buyers through participation in fairs and international competitions.

Although Russia is probably the main target for pisco producers and distributors, European countries have also shown to be important markets. Pisco’s market in Spain is valued at US$450,183, Germany US$164,684 and the United Kingdom US$147,821.

This is just one part of wider initiative by Peru, which is already the leader in exports of the region, to boost national exports. Traditional products have already increased 21.9% in September.

Do you think Russians enjoy pisco as Peruvians enjoy vodka?

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