S/ 2,000 Million Invested in ‘El Niño Costero’ Reconstruction


In order to guarantee the rehabilitation of schools and infrastructure works in the north of the country affected by the ‘El Niño Costero’, S/ 2,000 million will be invested.

Last week we reviewed the communities that are still suffering from “El Niño Costero”, here you can view that information. This weekend, Luis Felipe Gil Solís, head of the Authority for Reconstruction and Changes, mentioned that S/ 2,000 million will be invested during the rest of the year for the rehabilitation of schools, water systems and infrastructure of the affected areas in the north of the country due to the phenomenon.

The Ministry of Agriculture and Irrigation (Minagri) and the regional governments have been allocated S/ 1,300 million to clean up the remaining debris and the channeling of the main rivers. In addition, tracks and roads have been rehabilitated in various areas of the north of the country.

As it is remembered, the Integral Plan of the Reconstruction, approved in September of this year, contains more than 10,000 interventions for an amount of S/ 26,000 million to be executed over a period of three years in the zones affected by the rains and floods registered at the beginning of this year.

For its part, this afternoon, Fernando D’Alessio, head of the Ministry of Health (Minsa) announced that the entity will invest around S/ 1,300 million to recover the operational capacity of hospitals in the north of the country affected by the Coastal Storm.

Did you think El Niño Costero reconstruction was going to cost this much? Here you can review the estimations calculated at the beginning of the year


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