S / 250 Million Destined for Chinchero Airport


The Budget for the year 2018 granted this amount to the Ministry of Transport to carry out the technological upgrades.

Now that the budget for next year has been unveiled, reconstruction is central to the discussion due to the impact the coastal phenomenon “El Niño” had during the first half of the year.

However, Peru is using this setback as an opportunity for technological advancement. For instance, Peru will receive S/ 3,000 million investment in technology and innovation during the next three years.

After the failed contract with Kuntur Wasi, the Chinchero International Airport, the most important investment project in the Cusco region, received a boost from the state to finally take off.

The Budget for Fiscal Year 2018, recently approved in the Congress of the Republic, had an amount of S / 250 million, in favor of the Ministry of Transport and Communications (MTC), for the start of the technical studies of the various components and for preparation of land, announced by the MTC in June, but which has not begun yet.

The airport is an essential part of the plan to decentralize Peruvian economy and look for better ways to approach different parts of the country and reduce the logistic costs enterprises incur when carrying our economic activities.

Do you think re-opening this airport will boost Peruvian economy in any way?

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