Sal de Maras: The Amazing Salt Pans of Peru (VIDEO)

(Photo: Pxhere)

Sal de Maras in Cusco is a true wonder of both nature and humanity.

Natural spring waters loaded with salt rise into thousands of large human-made pans that cover literally an entire mountainside.  This is Sal de Maras of Cusco.

As the water fills the pans during the day the sun evaporates the liquid away, leaving behind hundreds of pounds of salt ripe for human consumption every month.  They were built up into their current form more than 500 years ago.  

Often, it is the deceptive simplicity of Pre-Hispanic architecture and engineering that is most surprising.  The Incas and the civilizations before them were brilliant at working with their environment rather than against it.  They produced truly unique technologies that are not seen anywhere else in the world.

Check out this video courtesy of The Big Great Story on Youtube as they show us just why these salt pans are both incredible and beautiful.




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