San Isidro to close Av. Paseo Parodi for 70 days


The Municipality of San Isidro announced that starting on Saturday June 18 they would close avenida Paseo Parodi, between avenida Javier Prado Este and calle Andrés Reyes, for 70 days.

Officials are closing the busy road because they plan to remodel it. In the meantime the municipality plotted an alternate route for traffic.

To get to calle Antequera drivers traveling down Avenida Prolongación Iquitos toward San Isidro should use Javier Prado Este to avenida Las Camelias, where they can meet back with their normal route.

Those going toward Lince will need to take calles Manuel A. Fuentes and Antequera, and avenida Petit Thouars to jirón Soledad, where they can find their original route via Av. Prolongación Iquitos.

(Photo: Difusión / El Comercio)

Residents of the blocks surrounding the building site will have access to their homes.

On June 15, so that drivers can get familiar with the alternate route, the district of San Isidro will set up a detour drill for traffic.

The Municipality of San Isidro is making a concerted effort to clean up the area. Their plans for remodeling include: repairing roads and sidewalks, building a pedestrian walkway in the median, finished with cement, adding benches and improved lighting via ornamental lampposts.

Additionally, there will be more green space, an irrigation system, ramps for the disabled and elderly, and the signage will be improved.