Sanguche: Peruvian Food in Naperville, Illinois?

(Photo: Sanguche/Facebook)

Peruvian food has a way of popping up in the most unexpected places, including in the suburban outskirts of the Chicago metropolitan area.

If you follow news of Peruvian food around the world, you know that in recent years it is starting to appear in places never imagined.  Cesar Chang, a Peruvian native who graduated from Le Cordon Bleu Culinary Institute in Lima, has brought his talent to the United States and has settled in Naperville, Illinois.

Wait, where is Naperville?  For those who don’t know, it’s a suburb of about 150,000 people on the outskirts of Chicago.  It is also now home to Cesar Chang’s Sanguche (“sandwich” in Spanish) restaurant.

The Naperville Sun interviewed Cesar Chang recently.  His short and to-the-point but polite responses reveal a direct, low-key personality.  The day of the interview, the restaurant was featuring the Peruvian classic Lomo Saltado sandwich.

Looking at Sanguche’s official facebook page photos, one’s mouth begins to water instantly.  The food looks just like your typically delicious Peruvian sandwich and snack shop.  They even have chicha morada!

If you love Peruvian food and live in the Chicago metropolitan area, Cesar Chang’s Sanguche is definitely worth your time.  They are located at 535 Fairway Dr, Ste 115 in Naperville, Illinois 60563.

What other unexpected places can we expect to hear about Peruvian restaurants?  Let us know your favorite here at Living in Peru.



Mike grew up and eventually attended university in Green Bay, Wisconsin. He graduated in Integrative Leadership Studies with an emphasis in Urban and Regional Planning and has been a part of planning projects in three different countries. Mike’s passion is reading; he devours both literature and nonfiction. His favorite author is Peru’s own Julio Ramón Ribeyro.

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  2. Wonderful!!, thanks for posting this information, some american friends in Naperville are going to be happy to savour our Peruvian Cuisine.