Sanipes Advice About Canned Food From Tropical Foods (VIDEO)


Chinese canned food is banned from the market.

The executive director of the National Fisheries Health Agency (Sanipes), Ernesto Bustamante, indicated that an international health warning has been triggered due to the discovery of parasites in the mackerel preserves from the company China Tropical Food Manufacturing (NINGBO) Co. Ltd .

Although the Chinese company had a health certificate, the social program Qali Warma identified in its physical revision the figures of the parasites and alerted Sanipes, so the shipment destined for children was recalled, as well as the shipment for commercial consumption.

This canned food entered the country through the importing companies Idelbueno brand of Buenasventas Distribuciones S.A.C  and the Chinese company G.W. Yinchang, which provides ingredients to Florida and Compass brands.

Although it was found that these parasites are not able to reproduce while being present inside cans of food, this parasite called “anisaki”, contains a lot of proteins that can trigger allergies even after being frozen and cooked. Minor cases can cause hives or hoarseness, but in more serious cases consumers may develop angioedema (similar to hives but instead causes the lower layers of the skin to swell) or even trigger an allergic shock which can cause death.

Have you ever eaten canned food produced by this company?

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