Saturday Morning Coffee with Mr. Living in Peru


Dear friends,

It is with great pleasure that I’m introducing to you our new, which is going to be our lead homepage for the next many years to come.

PeruthisWeek has as of yesterday retired after many good years and IS BACK!

The new portal is more user friendly, runs much better on mobile devices, and was built to do a greater job promoting Peru. By delivering the most interesting and valuable news and stories from and about Peru, we strive to ensure that you have everything you need to know about travel, culture and gastronomy at your finger tips 24/7.

And yes‚Ķwe will also as always deliver you the daily news, where we focus on the important things and the positive news and leave all the negative news to the “others”.

As always, we need your help to do a better job and this time is no exception. Please write Natasha at, if you find a bug or something that looks out of place. Please make sure to let us know which browser you are using and include a link to where you found the bug. THANK YOU!

ūüėČ CK

P.S. This week’s joke:

– Hello! Gordon’s pizza?
– No sir, this is Google’s pizza.
– Sorry, I must have dialed a wrong number?
– No sir, Google bought out
Gordon’s Pizza a short while ago.
– OK. Take my order please.
– OK sir, would you like your usual?
– The usual? You know me?
– According to our caller-ID database,
your last 12 orders were for pizza with
cheese and sausage toppings,
thick crust and crisp.
– OK! That’s it…
– May I suggest this time you add ricotta,
arugula with dry tomato toppings?
– What? I hate vegetables.
– Your cholesterol is not good, sir.
– How do you know that?
– We cross-matched your phone number
with your name and your online medical portal.
We have the result of your blood tests
for the past 7 years.
– Okay, but I do not want those toppings,
I already take medicine …
– Excuse me, but you have not taken
your medicine regularly.
We can see from our database,
4 months ago, you only purchased
a box with 30 cholesterol tablets at CVS.
– I bought more from another pharmacy.
– Such a transaction is not showing
in your credit card account.
– I paid in cash.
– But you did not withdraw that much cash
according to your recent bank statement.
– I have another source of cash.
– That is not showing as per your latest
tax return unless you obtained it from
an undeclared income source.
– “I’m sorry, sir, we use such information
only with the intention of helping you.
– Enough! I’m sick of Google, Facebook,
Twitter, WhatsApp. I’m going to an Island
without internet, cable TV, where there is
no cell phone service and no one to spy on me.
– I understand sir but you’ll need to renew
your passport first as it expired 6 weeks ago!





Hope Ansanelli

A native of Long Island, New York, Hope joins our team after finishing up her two year Peace Corp's service working in community-based environmental resource management in northern Peru and Master's degree in Environmental Studies. Passionate about life and living it beyond limits, Hope loves to teach and practice Yoga, cook healthy home-made recipes and explore the world with her loved ones.

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  1. Funny joke. On the other side it holds a reality for which the results are unknown yet. With the advances of AI the concept of forgetting things will be completely gone. Our societies have developed without the data availability we currently have. Governments need to start acting on what may be collected, distributed (sold) and stored.