Saturday Morning Green Tea with the Editor


Dearest Saturday Morning Warriors,

Good morning! I hope that you had a wonderful Friday night and a deep night sleep. If you didn’t, you always have tonight 😉 Que ricooo is the weekend!

Have you checked out our Daily Newsletter as of late? We have completely revamped the style and have updated it to go along with our new flashy and modern website Livinginperu.com.

Speaking of the newsletter, I want to know how you feel about it and I would like to ask you some questions. Please do respond to me via email at editor@livinginperu.com if you feel strongly about your answer :).

Firstly, do you like receiving our newsletter?

Do you find it useful? And would you like to see it sent out every day, as we do now? Or would you prefer that we only send it out Tuesday- Thursday and Saturday? Also, what time do you tend to open your newsletter? Would you prefer to have it sent at 3 pm, 5 pm, or even 8 pm (Northern Hemisphere readers, note the time difference)? Your opinions and comments mean so much to us, we are here to serve you and we want to do our best at it! If you have any other ideas, please do let me know.

Have you seen our new “migration” column under blogs called “Looking for Some Good Migrations”, written by a former General Counsel of the U.S. Immigration & Naturalization Service?

If so, William is looking for some questions to answer in his upcoming article about obtaining a visa to the U.S. We already have some great questions that many people are usually too scared to ask, but these are the exact questions we are looking for and are the most helpful! If you have a question, please email William at william.cook@gmlgvisas.com.  To see his latest article, just click here!

To finish up, some of us here at Living in Peru will be checking out Cusco in a few weeks and we would love to hear about your favorite spots there..from museums, tours, restaurants or a nice place for a 5 o’clock cocktail, we are all ears! Please leave your suggestions in the comment box below so that we can share those suggestions with the rest of the community.

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Have an amazing weekend, and if your weekend is going every way but amazing, check out your breathing. Do you find yourself holding your breath? Or does it run free and smooth? Our breath regulates our emotions, so the more relaxed we breath…the more relaxed our emotions. Here’s my pitch for yoga! It changes mindsets, on a day that I don’t do yoga, the sky is so gray…on days I do yoga, the green of the trees looks so much more brilliant with the gray background 😉 It changes lives people!

Chao for now guys!


Editor at Living in Peru.





A native of Long Island, New York, Hope joins our team after finishing up her two year Peace Corp's service working in community-based environmental resource management in northern Peru and Master's degree in Environmental Studies. Passionate about life and living it beyond limits, Hope loves to teach and practice Yoga, cook healthy home-made recipes and explore the world with her loved ones.

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