Selfie alert: Alf poses in front of Machu Picchu


For those who held on strong to theories of extraterrestrial contact and interaction in the Sacred Valley, now there´s proof.

The alien life form, better known as Alf, from the popular TV series of the same name, recently posted a selfie taken in front of the iconic Machu Picchu. On August 28th, Alf updated his current location on his Facebook page to say that he was in Cusco and uploaded the aforementioned photo.

Alf Vuelve, translated as Alf returns, is part of an advertising campaign that belongs to DirecTV The friendly non-human protagonist of the late 80´s sitcom can be seen enjoying sports, playing with kittens and other random activities in various promotions. The campaign has since generated a buzz that there is possibility for Alf to return to the small screen, much to the delight of nostalgic fans.

Although many other celebrities of both the big and small screen have visited the historic site, this is the first recorded visit from a (stuffed) alien.Like many other celebrities, the beloved TV character was curious to visit Peru.