Selvamonos first stop: Another exciting round of feverish grooves in the City of Kings


Five years ago, a group of passionate volunteers formed an ambitious non-profit organization whose sole purpose was to create awareness for Peru’s natural resources. But, how could they create an alternative environment capable of attracting individuals while still promoting a positive message of environmental understanding?

Throw a massive party, brimming with artistic talent and individuality, obviously.

That’s how Selvamonos was born, and over the years it has grown into a hulking festival of music and art, with a strong emphasis on the importance of Mother Nature. Brandishing a title that screams, “welcome to the jungle,” the annual festival has been host to a myriad of extraordinary musical acts, as well as a handful of creative artisans.

Since its inception, the party has taken place in Oxapampa, always on the precipice of the grey winter; however, last year the Selvamonos team decided to try something a bit different. Instead of having just one festival, why not have three? Taking place in three different sections of the country, and spanning over six months, the traveling festival was a smash hit. With over 3,000 people in attendance at First Stop alone last year, it only made sense to do it all over again, and this year’s pre-fest is shaping up to be another wild bash!

Juana Fe will be headlining this year’s Tropical Zone at the Selvamanos First Stop (Video: Selvamanos)

If you’re looking for something with a bit more electricity running through it, the sister area will be appropriately titled, The Electro Zone, and will play host to three electronic acts, DJ Rastacore, I Am Genko, and DJ Delicious. Each will bring their own take on electronica, house, and dub, but with one, singular purpose—to get down and drop the beat.

Needless to say, both zones will be glowing with stunning visuals and grand scenes, provided by talented artists from around the country, with an always-consistent message of positivity and awareness for the beautiful resources of Peru.

The line-up for Selvamanos First Stop (Photo: Selvamanos)

A wildly fun romp with a real purpose, Selvamonos First Stop is an event you don’t want to miss. This year’s First Stop is shaping up to be an amazing preface to the enormous throw down coming this June to Oxapampa.

The festival will be held at the Campus de la Veterinaria de la Escuela Militar en Chorrillos located at the end of Avenida Las Palmas. Tickets are S/. 25 if bought beforehand and S/. 35 on the door, and can be bought online from Teleticket, or at appropriate kiosks in Wong and Metro.

How to get there (Photo: Selvamanos)

*Zach Davis is a musician and writer from the coast of Massachusetts. You can see more of his work on his blog

For more information, visit our Events Calendar Peru’s jungle party is on its way… But first it makes a stop in Chorrillos for a pre-festival this Saturday.