Seven Sea Turtle Species Exist In Peru


Five of the seven species of sea turtles that exist in the world inhabit the Peruvian coast, revealed the National Forestry and Wildlife Service (Serfor) that highlights its importance in the marine ecosystem.

“Serfor specifies that these species are in a vulnerable or endangered situation and it is estimated that “one out of every 1,000 young turtles that leave the nest reaches adulthood”, Andina News Agency explained.

According to their information, sea turtles have inhabited the planet for 100 million years, which means they were around during the dinosaur era.

“By protecting sea turtles we help in the conservation of other species and in the maintenance of a healthy ecosystem”, the media said, adding that to highlight the importance of sea turtles, Serfor made available to the public an exclusive website on sea turtles in Peru.

“On the one hand, turtles with lesions on the carapace or other parts of the body have been detected, which would be due to collisions with jet skis; as well as the capture by fishermen for the commercialization and consumption of their meat; and the incidental capture. It has also been recorded the presence of plastic waste (mainly bags) in the stomach of these animals, which also shows the pollution of our sea,” said Jessica Gálvez-Durand Besnard, director of the Directorate of Sustainable Management of the Wildlife Heritage of Serfor.

Andina said that the presence of sea turtles generates several benefits in the marine ecosystem, such as keeping sea jellyfish populations at a desirable level. The latter feed on larvae of fish and small crustaceans, which, in excess, can negatively affect the supply of fish.

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