Shamanic Singing Course: Go Deep With The Medicines Of The Jungle


If you are ready to get far off the beaten track deep into the jungles of Peru in order to go deep into connection with the healing energies of Amazonian plants and healers, then this retreat might be for you. But this one-of-a-kind opportunity is not for everybody: if you’re looking for comforts of the western world, then you might want to look somewhere else. On the other hand, if you are ready to embark on a shamanic journey to work with some of the most respected healers of the Amazon, within a supportive community environment, then this retreat might be up your alley.

Connecting with the worlds of the North and the South

Photo: Tata Mundo

This is a special gathering where spirits of the grey wolf of the north and rainbow serpent of the Amazon will meet. In an off-grid, alternative community located in the Peruvian rainforest, you’ll encounter a collective of healers and experts in their fields who join forces during event, dedicated to helping you to open your ears to the sounds of the spirit world, to energy that manifests itself as sacred song that is born within the moment. It will be a unique ritual to help you to open your voice.


A group of Shipibo shamans

Photo: Tata Mundo

You’ll be supported by a crew of experienced Shipibo shamans with amazing voices, both masculine and feminine, trained through years of apprenticeships and master plant dietas. In this process, plants teach their songs to the receiver. Each shaman has their own unique skills and tricks, their own style and melodies. You’ll have the chance to connect with all of our various teachers who will be present. During the course of your time here, you’ll also have the chance to participate in ayahuasca ceremonies.

Worldy facilitators

Photo: Tata Mundo

Energies of the North are represented by the founder of our camp, Tata Mundo, working in his own fusion style of traditions and inspirations which he’s accumulated during many years of research and journeys across traditional spiritual cultures, bringing ancient roots and instinctive primordial shamanism, rediscovered and reinterpreted through plant practice to the homeland of Amazonian curanderismo.

Coming for this event especially from Russia is a special teacher, Evgeny Krasnov ( Быркампот Быркампашевич Бздынькс ), a musician with 30 years of experience, a master of throat and overtone singing, trained in Tuva with masters such as Radik Tülüsh from Huun-Huur-Tu, for many years running workshops and courses teaching those techniques.

Extend your stay if you wish

Photo: Tata Mundo

If you’d like, your 10-day stay can be extended, whether for further learning or healing by working with master plants from the jungle. We also have opportunities for you to stay as a volunteer, and to eventually integrate to become a more permanent member of our community.

The retreat itself will be packed to the brim with activities and practices, daily classes, camp work for those willing to be more active, or restful integration after ceremonial work, which will probably be very intense.

We will be offering 4 such sessions, and it’s up to you how many you join. Even if you’ve drunk already somewhere else, most of our guests confirm that what is happening here cannot be compared in its intensity and transformational power with what they experienced before.

We don’t perform are no guitar rehearsed songs here, only powerful, primordial shamanic sounds, all arising from the moment, interconnected, penetrating from the world of spirit realm to your soul.

Who we are


We are an independent collective, funded entirely from the events we hold. This income allows us to offer donation-based plant medicine dietas for people who can not afford full price treatment. We strive to do quality work for small groups, and we want to keep this event small, so that you may get the support you need to go deep with your work. In order to cover such expenses and to support our maestros so that they can travel and share their work, we charge a fee of 1400 USD per person
Photo: Tata Mundo

When: February 17-26, 2019

What is included 

  • Online consultations before the trip.
  • Pick up in Iquitos and all transfers.
  • Full room and board for the duration of stay in our camp
  • Accommodation in jungle huts, protected from mosquitos and other insects.
  • All ceremonies run by a large shamanic crew.
  • All private treatments, when needed.
  • Individual consultations, with voice teachers and with healers.
  • Full course of overtone and throat singing guided by a maestro with 30 years of experience.
  • Mapacho, jungle tobacco important in shamanic work in the Amazon

For participants of this tour, there is also an option of extending the adventure donation based stay in our Andes base, where you learn to cook San Pedro cactus and get initiated in its power during treks in breathtaking mountain landscapes.

Get in touch

  • Photo: Tata Mundo
  • All questions and bookings please get in touch through email: info@psychonauta.com. And please forgive delays in answering, as we are operating in remote areas with limited internet.

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Tata Mundo has been working with indigenous communities of the Andes and the jungle for number of years. He is part of an organization, Psychonauta, which organizes expeditions into realm of unconscious, natural medicines, indigenous techniques of healing, music, plants, travel. Amazon, Andes and beyond. To find out more, please visit psychonauta.com