Siblings Suspected Of Causing Explosions In A Clinic In Lima Did It “To Avenge Their Mother’s Death”


Around 10:00 am on Tuesday, two explosions were heard at the Ricardo Palma de Lima clinic in Peru and at least 35 people were injured in the incident, two of them seriously.

“At first, the prosecutor of the nation, Pedro Chávarry, described it as a ‘terrorist attack’, but the police immediately denied this version and he himself ended up rectifying”, said BBC.

“The facts do not present indications of having been a terrorist attack, for any reason,” said José Baella, head of the Peruvian Police’s Directorate against Terrorism, at a press conference, according to this media.

Later, it was known that the incident was about revenge.

According to the first official investigations, a brother and sister were “the alleged perpetrators of the detonations”. It was also known that the mother had died in the clinic and there is evidence at their home that they prepared the explosives.

Baella identified the suspects as Lenin Benites Aguirre and Claudia Benites Aguirre. They are 40 and 44 years old, respectively, according to the press.

Supposedly both left behind two backpacks with homemade explosives in the bathroom of one of the laboratories and in the parking lot of the Ricardo Palma clinic, around 10:00 am on Tuesday morning, and they were allegedly detonated about five minutes apart.

The deflagration caused damages in the structure of the clinic and moments of panic among those present, by smoke and noise.

The suspect’s father, Alejandro Benites, told the media that the clinic lost a trial against them and they have refused to pay what the court ordered.

The sibling’s mother, Victoria Aguirre, died in Ricardo Palma in 2011, after having surgery for a brain tumor and an aneurysm, according to the Peruvian newspaper El Comercio. The family claims that the woman died due to medical malpractice, for which they reported the clinic to Indecopi, the Peruvian consumer protection agency, and before the Judiciary.

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