Six Companies to Bid for Two Mega-Projects in Northern Lima, Peru

Minister of Housing, Hernán Garrido-Lecca (left(
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(LIP-ir) — Beginning March 2008, more than thirty-five thousand homes will be built in Lima, Peru’s northern area.

Twenty thousand homes are to be built in Piedras Gordas (Ancón) while 15,600 are to be built in Collique, said Peru’s Housing Minister, Hernán Garrido-Lecca.

The construction of the residences will be part of two mega-projects that are to be auctioned in the first week of December.

Four companies have already shown interest in investing in the Collique project and taking part in the auction while two companies have shown interest in the Piedras Gordas project, affirmed Peru’s Housing Minister.

Minister Garrido-Lecca announced the two mega-projects and their auction after a private meeting at the Government Palace with Peru’s President, Alan Garcia and government officials in charge of moving private interest in the real estate sector.

Garrido-Lecca stated that the two mega-projects were discussed and "critical" points were resolved during the meeting with Peru’s Head of State.