Slash to set Lima ‘on Fire’ in 2015


Telling someone that Saul Hudson will be performing in Lima may not get much of a reaction but using his stage name, Slash, sure will.

The former lead guitarist of the Guns N’ Roses is heading on an international tour and has decided to bless Peru with his riffs and style.

Along with his latest band, Myles Kennedy & The Conspirators, the tour known as ‘World on Fire’ will reach the capital city March 9 of next year. According to Colors Perú, the concert will be held in Parque de la Exposición.

_Latest material from the legendary guitarist_

Avid fans of classic rock can rest assure that although the rockin’, and at times raucous, guitarist is bringing along his latest project, the tour will include music from his Snakepit and Velvet Revolver days as well.

Tickets are expected to go sale as soon as November 14 at PuntoTicket locales, which can be found in Ripley and Phantom.The ex-member of Guns N’ Roses will perform in Lima in 2015.



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