A Solidarity Pannetone for Women in Peru


The NGO Buckner Peru launches its “Esperanza” panettone.

This particular panettone is part of Buckner Peru’s program to raise funds and donate them to the education of orphaned young women who, when they turn 18, leave their shelters, where they have lived for many years.

It is already on sale for S /. 17.00 per unit and S /. 15.00 for corporate purchases.

Claudia León, Executive Director of Buckner Peru, called on the public to collaborate with her institution to fulfill the dream of many young women.

She indicated that the biggest fear of these girls is the uncertainty that awaits them when they turn 18 because they are left to their own fate and totally unprotected since the State only protects them in a center until that age. They have been victims of mistreatment, abuse or end up orphans.

Therefore, the NGO has collaborated with the shelters to fulfill the dream of studying that many of the young people have once they leave. The panettone “Esperanza” is the first of the solidarity products that Buckner Peru offers to help these young women, whose childhood in a shelter deprived them of several rights, the main one: their right to live as a family.

You can buy one here.

(Cover Photo Buckner)


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